ShoreTel Mobility Router

product shot of ShoreTel Mobility Router 4000


The ShoreTel Mobility Router is an innovative and highly scalable network appliance that fuses enterprise wireless LANs, carrier cellular networks, IP telephony and location technology to extend voice and Unified Communications (UC) to mobile devices.

The router lets users make and receive calls from both the enterprise and personal mobile phone numbers by automatically selecting the best network (Wi-Fi or cellular) with fast and automatic network handover, to optimize cost, call quality and battery life.

Available in three options, sized to meet the needs of any enterprise, the ShoreTel Mobility Router can be deployed as an integral mobility feature in the ShoreTel Unified Communication system, or separately as platform-agnostic support for the customer's choice of carrier and equipment vendors.

Features and Benefits

The ShoreTel Mobility Router is available in three options.

  • ShoreTel Mobility Router 2000 supports 10 to 100 users and is available with Secure Remote Voice and Secure Instant Communications options.
  • ShoreTel Mobility Router 4000 supports 10 to 1,000 users and is available with Secure Remote Voice, Secure Instant Communications and High-Availability options.
  • ShoreTel Mobility Router 6000 supports 10 to 5,000 users and is available with Secure Remote Voice, Secure Instant Communications, High-Availability, Harware Encryption/Decryption, and Hardware VoIP Acceleration options.

With ShoreTel Mobility, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Low-cost in-building voice coverage leveraging the enterprise WLAN
  • Extended coverage to home and public Wi-Fi securely through an industry-first TLS/SSL-based connection
  • Reduced mobile call costs through policy-based, least-cost routing
  • Improved enterprise visibility and control over cellular usage
  • Location and availability status while mobile
  • Enterprise UC on a wide range of single- and dual-mode (Wi-Fi and cellular) mobile handsets, including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia.