Our Credo

We are thoughtful in all we do. We are excellent listeners to each other and to all members of our extended family, vendors, and customers.

We will make the four words WHAT DO YOU THINK an automatic instinct in all of internal and external dealings.

We will be a leader in research and development in every aspect of our business and we will work primarily with vendors who are also fanatical about research and development. We will aim to make our customer adventures, adventures in growth. We will aim to add value in novel ways that surprise and stretch our customers and ourselves simultaneously.

We will use the three words TRY IT NOW almost as often as we use WHAT DO YOU THINK. We revere the experimental method and believe that success is directly correlated with the number of things one tries. We whole heartedly acknowledge the value of analysis but in the end swear by actions speak louder than words.

We believe that our customers will receive enormous value from our commitment to our constant restless exploration. We continue to strive to be considered the best in class in every facet of what we do.